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  • Professional deburring & surface finishing technologies exhibition in the Asian-Pacific region.

  • Solutions |advanced overall product and service solutions concerning deburring & surface finishing.

  • Professional products | The exhibition will intensively exhibit different technological means and products applied to deburring & surface finishing.

  • Intelligent manufacturing | By focusing on the theme of the era, the industrial robot deburring & polishing will be a highlight of the exhibition.

  • Feel the pulse of industries | Professional technical forums will be held in the same period to let you feel the development tendency of the industry.

Exhibitor List

Join in the DeburringTec / Deburring & Surface Finishing Technologies Exhibition now so that your company can seize the market opportunity in the tide of creating China into a manufacturing power.

Professional Conference


What's the TOP Buyer Program?

The TBP is the top management or professionals of companies producing, utilizing and selling Deburring&Surface Finishing who take part in the DeburringTec with a clear purchase intention or plan.


Highlights of the exhibition

Professional exhibition platform

Deburring and surface finishing are very professional subdivisions. The professional exhibition platform can promote products and solutions effectively by targeting at professional clients.

Fast-growing market

As a global manufacturing center, China is striving to seize favorable conditions of the new round of scientific revolution and industrial reform to further promote the transformation of its manufacturing industry. The future ten years are the best period for China to become a global manufacturing power. The DeburringTec / Deburring & Surface Finishing Technologies Exhibition has duly provided a good opportunity for enterprises of this industry.

Stage for industrial policy-makers

Select global professional buyers, invite more R&D and purchasing policy-makers to visit the exhibition, guarantee your face-to-face exchange with professional senior personnel and present best opportunities.

Focus on the theme of the era and facilitate China’s transition from a big manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country

Even small industries can make great achievements. China’s manufacturing is in a key period of growing powerful based on a large scale. In machining, the deburring & surface finishing technologies are playing a vital role. DeburringTec can effectively promote rapid and high-quality development of industries and help realize China’s target of becoming a manufacturing power from details.

Do you want to attend the DeburringTec2022?

Show your brand, launch your latest products, and book a booth on the website.

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